It Takes Heart

The language of Equus

As methodologies differ drastically between one horseman to the next, we have found that the equine language has never changed in our 30 cumulative years with racehorses, and 50 years with horses in general, quite possibly since horses were first created. Horses don't change language between disciplines-people and cues do but the horses basic language remains the same.  We have found Monty Roberts work to be beyond any others when it comes to establishing trust, communication, and leadership. Horses are a herd animal, with strong flight instincts as survival demands from a prey animal. There are set rules in a herd, with the matriarch mare doing the schooling, and there is a set body language, understandable to us who care to listen. 

We use the round pen for the basic foundation, working at liberty, moving on to long lining after trust and leadership are established. We strive to give each horse a solid start, one that makes them confident and looking forward to doing the job we ask of them, from flat work, to hillwork and the track we aim to build all aspects of the body and mind. The equine learns from repetition and we go through each step thoroughly before progressing to the next. From the spooky horse to the bold coltish one to the bossy filly and everyone between, there is varying schooling for each, within the same language of Equus. 

Large fields for turnout, and quality care as God intends for His beautiful creation.